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Side hinged garage doors

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Side Hinged Door is perfect solution if you want to replace old garage door but not style. Modern doors with lots of options will meet most demanding requirements for old and new buildings:
• made to measure – sizes up to 10 ft wide and 8 ft high,
• all RAL colours available including metallic finish,
• custom door split and handle side,
• standard or individual stainless steel appliques,
• big variety of windows and glazing options,
• robust frame with fixing bolts.

Insulated Side hinged garage doors are made of 40mm thick double steel skin panels filled with freon-free PU foam. All doors come with steel frame.
Doors are made to measure.
Steel frame outer size is 10mm less in width and 10mm less in height than indicated structural opening size.
Door split 50/50 by default or custom in reasonable proportions.
For a full list of available options go to page 38.
Max 3000mm wide and 2400mm high. For bigger sizes ask manufacturer. For doors less than 2 metres wide – ask for available layout.
1 leaf door max 1300mm wide.
1.5 leaf doors for openings 1100 – 1800 mm wide.
2 leaves doors for openings above 1800 mm wide.

1. Espagnolette lock.
2. Handle: standard colours white, aluminium, black (RAL colours available on request).
3. Ventiliation grill: standard plastic 338 x 132 mm (white, brown, black, RAL colours available on request.) and aliuminium – 1000 x 400 mm.
4. Pet flap.
5. Integrated Mail box..
6. Decorative angle 100 x 40 mm. Available in woodgrain golden oak and woodgrain white.

Acrylic double glazed windows come in a clear, matt, “frosted”or tinted finish.
1. Stainless steel windows. Using windows from our stainless design range will give your garage door a contemporary and unique appearance. Use our recommended designs or create your own.
2. PVC double glazed windows. A range of windows and decorative inserts are offered to add distinction to any home. Acrylic window frames and inserts can be coloured to match your door or existing colours on your house.
3. Full vision panels. Full vision panels can be provided in an anodized aluminium frame, with matching colours or in RAL golden oak effect to match existing windows and doors.

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Side hinged garage doors could be a perfect solution if your garage space is used as a utility room, storage or workshop. Original robust design, simplicity and law maintenance guarantee long service life and reliable performance. Check out our side hinged garage doors below.

Your choice.

Various possibilities to build your own side hinged door. Panel layout horizontally, vertically or in chevron style. Different shapes stainless steel windows and over 100-panel types let you show your individuality.

Stylish looking.

Front doors can have the same look as your side hinged garage doors. Matching design and layout bring consistency to house facade.


Full view panels not only let more light to your garage but also give you an exclusive look. They can be coated in any RAL color or in Golden Oak finish. Acrylic double glazed windows come in a clear, mat, ’frosted‘ or tinted finish.

No standards.

Your side hinged door can be split equally or in a proportion 1/3 to 2/3. All Ryterna side hinged doors are made to measure.

Solid hinges.

Easily adjustable hinges on  SH2 model doors allow precise installation. SH1 spring hinges ensure safe and soft door closing.

Robust frame.

The quality produced welded or assembly on site frames for SH2 models allow easy and fast installation.


Our side hinged garage doors are equipped with hinge-bolts and can be ordered with 3 point safety locks.