Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side hinged garage doors are among the most popular garage door type on the market. They became an increasingly popular option for customers they provide a combination of economy, durability and good look. Perfect acoustic and thermal insulation are guaranteed by 40-mm-thick, PU-foamed sandwich panels. Check out our side hinged garage doors internals and styles below.



Side hinged garage doors could be a perfect solution if your garage space is used as a utility room, storage or workshop.

Easy to use

Robust structure, simplicity and easy maintenance guarantees long service life and reliable performance.

Let us help you

We offer a variety of styles from simple conservative executions to bespoke build based on your design. Check out our side hinged garage doors now.

Technical Information

Here is the detailed technical information about the side hinged garage doors

Various possibilities to build your own side hinged door. Panel layout horizontally, vertically or in chevron style. Different shapes stainless steel windows and over 100-panel types let you show your individuality.

Front doors can have the same look as your side hinged garage doors. Matching design and layout bring consistency to house façade.

Full view panels not only let more light to your garage but also give you an exclusive look. They can be coated in any RAL color or in Golden Oak finish. Acrylic double glazed windows come in a clear, mat, ’frosted‘ or tinted finish.

Your side hinged door can be split equally or in a proportion 1/3 to 2/3. All Ryterna side hinged doors are made to measure.

Easily adjustable hinges on  SH2 model doors allow precise installation. SH1 spring hinges ensure safe and soft door closing.

The quality produced welded or assembly on site frames for SH2 models allow easy and fast installation.

Our side hinged garage doors are equipped with hinge-bolts and can be ordered with 3 point safety locks.