Side hinged garage doors could be a perfect solution if your garage space is used as a utility room, storage or workshop.

Robust structure, simplicity and easy maintenance guarantees long service life and reliable performance.

We offer a variety of styles from simple conservative executions to bespoke build based on your design. Check out our side hinged garage doors now.


Side Hinged Door is a perfect solution if you want to replace old garage door but not its style. Modern doors with lots of options will meet most demanding requirements for old and new buildings:

  • Made to measure – sizes up to 10 ft wide and 8 ft high,
  • All RAL colours available including metallic finish,
  • Custom door split and handle side,
  • Standard or individual stainless steel appliques,
  • Big variety of windows and glazing options,
  • Robust frame with fixing bolts.


Insulated Side hinged garage doors are made of 40mm thick double steel skin panels filled with freon-free PU foam. All doors come with steel frame.
Doors are made to measure.