Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are among the most popular garage door type on the market. They became an increasingly popular option for customers they provide a combination of economy, durability and good look. Perfect acoustic and thermal insulation are guaranteed by 40-mm-thick, PU-foamed sandwich panels. Check out our sectional garage doors internals and styles below.



Sectional garage doors are among the most popular garage doors on the market. This product has become an increasingly popular option among our clients as it provides a perfect combination of energy efficiency, durability and design.

Easy to use

Structural simplicity featuring automated operation makes it one of the most convenient, easy to use garage doors we have to offer. Perfect acoustic and thermal insulation are guaranteed by 40-mm-thick, PU-foamed sandwich panels.

Let us help you

From a small bin storage space to a three car garage, we can make it happen. Check out our sectional garage door features and styles.

Panel Design

Midrib Design

Toprib Design

Rib Design

Georgian Panels

Flush Design

Midrib Design
  • The MIDRIB style door, grooved in the middle of each panel, gives the impression of solid timber boards.
  • This is a popular style all over Europe.
  • MIDRIB panels are available in woodgrain, stucco and smooth patterns, in standard white RAL 9016 or any other RAL colour.
  • The WOOD MIDRIB style door comes with a smooth, non-embossed surface, coated with natural wood-resembling UV proof Mahogany, Golden oak, Old oak and Dark oak finishes.

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Toprib Design
  • Double groove design is one of the most discernible styles in the market.
  • The extra thickness provides a high quality, smooth panel surface.
  • Three double lines dividing panels make this door stand out from similar products. A beautiful, contemporary execution.
Rib Design
  • Horizontal ribs every 10 cm give this door a light yet sturdy appearance.
  • This is a door with a contemporary appearance that looks good in any architectural setting. RIB doors are often combined with full-vision aluminium panels available in any RAL colour and also in golden oak finish.
  • RIB type doors are best in special oversized openings – they can be made up to 10 m wide.
Georgian Panels
  • The Panelled CASSETTE door has stylish Georgian type rectangular panels, beautifully sculptured with crisp lines and details on the outer surface.
  • The CASSETTE door is mainly suited to the traditional or country style home.
  • Where there is timber decoration to the house the panelled cassette door, coated with a natural looking golden oak finish, will look perfect.
Flush Design
  • The latest addition to our panel design range which offers a great look to suit both: classic and modern homes.
  • Flush panel design is available in three finishes: smooth, woodgrain or stucco surfaces. Flush design panels in smooth surface standouts when decorated with stainless steel windows or stainless steel appliqués.
  • Panels are also available in golden oak, old oak, dark oak, rosewood, light oak and Winchester oak imitation.
  • You may also wish to discover the latest additions to flush design finish rage: old copper, metallic anthracite grey, stainless steel and 3D options.

Technical Information

Here is the detailed technical information about the sectional garage doors

Each Ryterna garage door is made to order bringing unlimited possibilities of customized designs, dimensions and finish. Sectional garage doors can be made up to 8 m width.

Ryterna choice – production of solid garage doors, using thick and robust materials for more durability and longer lifetime of the product.

Wide range of stainless steel appliques that suit the most demanding design requirements. Using stainless steel windows will give garage door contemporary design.

Sectional garage door panel clad with 2.5 mm aluminum sheets milled and painted in any RAL color including metallic finish and decorated with inlays can create a real piece of art.
Extremely water resistant okoume hardwood is used for shipbuilding. By carving or milling okoume layer we can recreate different motifs, patterns and ornaments.

Absolutely matching side door and garage door design. Solution for front and garage door as well.

Aluminum frame for garage door fitted in between  –  easy installation, durable and modern looking.

Acrylic double glazed windows come in a clear, mat, ‚frosted‘ or tinted finish. Full view panels can be coated in any RAL color or in Golden Oak finish.

Pass doors are a very convenient option if garage door space is used for a hobby or as a utility room. Left or right handling, width up to 1.2 m and low threshold can turn your garage into a handy space.

Our  residential R40 garage doors with tension springs is
a perfect choice for new-built houses and renovated as well.
Our TL doors have been developed and tested under the
most demanding industrial conditions.

Safe and reliable tracks made according to your garage features and roof pitch. As standard tracks are zinc coated, but they also can be powder coated in almost any color.

Ryterna garage doors are designed to work operated by hand or door opener. They are compatible with operators of most well-known manufacturers and provides you optimal operating comfort, efficiency and safety.

More than 100 variations of door panel designs, surface textures and colors available.