Lock and handle kits: universal handle and lock, knob handle and lock, “Premium” handle and lock.

Ventiliation grill: standard plastic 338 x 132 mm (white, brown, black, RAL colours available on request.) and aluminium – 1000 x 400 mm.

Pet flap.

Integrated Mail box.

ALU frame: 120 mm (suitable for LHR RM and R40) and 180 mm (suitable for LHR FM) lintels and 100 mm posts.

Decorative angle 100 x 40 mm. Available in woodgrain golden oak and woodgrain white.



Acrylic double glazed windows come in a clear, matte, “frosted”or tinted finish.
Stainless steel windows. Using windows from our stainless design range will give your garage door a contemporary and unique appearance. Use our recommended designs or create your own.

PVC double glazed windows. A range of windows and decorative inserts are offered to add distinction to any home. Acrylic window frames and inserts can be coloured to match your door or existing colours on your house.

Full vision panels. Full vision panels can be provided in an anodized aluminium frame, with matching colours or in RAL golden oak effect to match existing windows and doors.

No width limits.

Each Ryterna garage door is made to order bringing unlimited possibilities of customized designs, dimensions and finish. Sectional garage doors can be made up to 8 m width.

Reliable materials.

Ryterna choice – production of solid garage doors, using thick and robust materials for more durability and longer lifetime of the product.

Unique design.

Wide range of stainless steel appliques that suit the most demanding design requirements. Using stainless steel windows will give garage door contemporary design.

Alumax and Okoume.

Sectional garage door panel clad with 2.5 mm aluminum sheets milled and painted in any RAL color including metallic finish and decorated with inlays can create a real piece of art.
Extremely water resistant okoume hardwood is used for shipbuilding. By carving or milling okoume layer we can recreate different motifs, patterns and ornaments.

Matching design.

Absolutely matching side door and garage door design. Solution for front and garage door as well.

ALU frame.

Aluminum frame for garage door fitted in between  –  easy installation, durable and modern looking.

Windows as a design element.

Acrylic double glazed windows come in a clear, mat, ‚frosted‘ or tinted finish. Full view panels can be coated in any RAL color or in Golden Oak finish.

Convenient option – pass door.

Pass doors are a very convenient option if garage door space is used for a hobby or as a utility room. Left or right handling, width up to 1.2 m and low threshold can turn your garage into a handy space.

Look from inside.

Our  residential R40 garage doors with tension springs is
a perfect choice for new-built houses and renovated as well.
Our TL doors have been developed and tested under the
most demanding industrial conditions.

Customized tracks.

Safe and reliable tracks made according to your garage features and roof pitch. As standard tracks are zinc coated, but they also can be powder coated in almost any color.

Operating comfort.

Ryterna garage doors are designed to work operated by hand or door opener. They are compatible with operators of most well-known manufacturers and provides you optimal operating comfort, efficiency and safety.




An abundance of choices.

More than 100 variations of door panel designs, surface textures and colors available.