Frequently asked questions

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What is your lead time?

4-6 weeks for a standard project. Timeframe could increase if bespoke materials such as cladding are required.

Do you fit and install your garage doors?

Yes, we supply, deliver and fit your garage, side entrance doors. We also collect and dispose/recycle your old garaged doors. All of these services are included in our standard estimate.

How often should I service my garage doors?

Every 1-2 years depending on the frequency of use and type of door.

Can I re-use my old garage doors frame or motor etc?

No. All garage doors come with our own, compatible frame (if required for the chosen type of doors), operator, tracks and hinges.

Can you repair my garage door made by other manufacturer (other than Ryterna)?

Unfortunately, not. We invest a lot of time and resources in training and developing our engineers’ skills to master the product we know the best.

In which areas do you operate?

We are based in South East London, predominantly working across M25, Kent, Surrey and Essex. But we are serving our clients as far as Plymouth and Glasgow.

Where are your doors Manufactured?

In EU, Lithuania.

Can I design the doors myself?

Absolutely, and we are happy to guide you through the journey.

My house is not built yet, can I still call you?

We are happy to quote you based on the drawings. But before manufacturing starts, we will need to do the site survey (once the opening is ready for measurement).

We love our current garage doors, but they are not reliable any more, can you make exactly the same garage doors as we have right now?

In most cases we will be able to assist.