Power of the Devil for a Good Price Level!

About Us

Our Story

Cerberus Garage Doors is a company dedicated to serving people who love their garages. Just like you, we believe that a garage is more than just a shelter for your car. It’s where you build things and store things. It’s where you can enjoy moments of solitude and the rough pleasures of life. It’s where the paradise of home begins after a hellish day at work.

Our customers are strong people who need no self-help books on happiness. Their garage door is their true door to happiness.

Operating from East London, Cerberus Garage Doors is a sister company of Cerberus Security Doors. From 2010, Cerberus has been one of the leading dealers of front doors and garage doors in London and beyond. To further improve specialized customer service, in 2019 a decision was made to split the company into two separate divisions.And while we share our sister company’s claim that every paradise needs a hell of a door, at Cerberus Garage Doors we believe it’s the garage doors that matter the most. Because, as any home owner who commutes by car will agree, garage doors are actually used more often than front doors.

That is why, at Cerberus Garage Doors, we make sure your garage door is the perfect combination of security, functionality and aesthetic excellence. All garage doors, electric gates and fences, and car ports are sourced from Lithuania-based manufacturer Ryterna, our trustworthy partner and one of Europe’s top garage door manufacturers.

Put Thieves Out of Business

If your garage has a sub-standard door, a professional thief will break into your garage (and thus your home) in less than six seconds. At Cerberus, we are in the business of putting thieves out of business. Our insanely rich assortment of sectional, side hinged, side sliding, and industrial garage doors has one constant in common: it’s a do-or-die type of dedication to state-of-the-art safety and security systems. As we like to say, by choosing a Cerberus garage door you get the power of the devil at a good price level.

Turn Some Heads

All Cerberus garage doors have a special power. Not only do they strike fear into the hearts of burglars. They are also great at making your neighbors turn heads! Our assortment features a number of styles that will fit any architectural setting. Most popular styles include RIB, MIDRIB, FLUSH, GEORGIAN, and SLICK. It feels good seeing your garage door welcoming you back home. It feels even better when it expresses your taste and your status. So be sure to choose a garage that speaks to your individuality. Because, after all, your garage door is your daily door to happiness.

Product Service Combo

Choosing a garage door is not a decision to be taken lightly. When buying a garage door, you need not only the product, but also pre-sale and post-sale service. That’s what you get by teaming up with Cerberus. A Cerberus expert must always be consulted when looking for a garage door that would enhance the architectural appeal of the building and would fit your security and functionality needs. After the product is chosen or tailor-made (upon our recommendation or your unique design vision), our team of technicians will surprise you with unparalleled delivery and installation terms.